Curious and Clever curates and celebrates ideas we find intriguing. Whether people, places or things, we hope that these gems will inspire your work and your world.

Grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. Discover some new productivity tools, grab a discount code and visit our curiosity shop. Thanks for visiting... how clever of you to find us. 

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Our Origin Story

"It was a dark and stormy night, and the open sign on the Blockbuster store was flickering as she struggled with a handful of balloons, a box of Harry Potter DVDs and a book of Slurpee coupons..."

Well, they didn't meet exactly like that, but close. Toni Antonetti and Julie Dennehy connected instantly sharing ideas and expanding creative efforts while working together through the PRConsultants Group, a national public relations network collaborating on global brands. Although Toni resides in Chicago and Julie in Boston, they bonded immediately, sharing tools and trends with high-energy mutual curiosity that only "early adopters" share.

After working together on various client accounts and referring business to each other for over a decade, they often discussed the need for a way to consolidate all their discoveries so colleagues and friends could benefit. In 2015, a website was sketched on the back of a napkin to serve as an imaginative destination for favorite apps, gadgets and software ("clever tools"), shared discount codes and ways to save money ("perks"), and a curated gallery of creative inspiration ("curious finds"). And, of course, a way to get hired for creative and strategic consulting projects, especially brainstorming and ideation.

In 2017, the idea for Curious and Clever was finally launched and is enjoying positive feedback so far...

After all, with all the uncertainty and opportunity today, we asked what any creative entrepreneur would ask: if not now, when? 

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