The beauty of Field Notes: wide open spaces

The beauty of Field Notes: wide open spaces

It's no secret: the founders of can talk for hours about a good notebook and pen. Collectors and aficionados of the written word, we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about not only our words, but the conduit - from the latest laptop to the good old-fashioned pen and paper. 

Years ago, I branched out from personal journaling to the power of a powerful notebook. In this website, we will review a variety of productivity tools but there's no substitute for a beautiful clean page and a pen that just feels good in your hand. 

Which brings me to the topic at hand, the first of many clever tools we will be sharing on this site: Field Notes. I don't know what attracted me first: the retro design concept, or the beautiful eye-catching covers, or the clever and snarky copywriting: "I'm not writing this down to remember later. I'm writing this down to remember now." Wide open spaces give us room to play, dream, plan, and diagram our thoughts. Field Notes notebooks are my playground when I'm waiting in line at the RMV or school pickup line, and have seen some pretty wild ideas, ambitious to-do lists, and client brainstorming as far reaching as the Shenandoah Valley - appropriate ideas for my Shenandoah Edition notebook. 

No matter what brand or what the cover looks like, make it a habit to have a notebook on you to capture creative ideas as they present themselves to you. Read more about "Beautiful Data: The Art of Science Field Notes" here in Wired magazine and see if it inspires you in your own note taking and journaling endeavors.

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The 'Shenandoah' Edition from Field Notes.

Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about.
— Benjamin Franklin
Do something mindful every day.

Do something mindful every day.